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The Clubmaster Elegant watch embodies sophistication and timeless charm. Designed for modern women who appreciate understated elegance, this watch is inspired by the timepieces of the 1950s. Behind its assertive minimalism lies an attention to detail: a 37mm case topped by a fluted bezel and crown, embossed hour-markers, and sword-shaped hands that add character. Equipped with the Japanese Miyota GL22 quartz movement, 2.28 mm thick, it gives the Clubmaster Elegant a slender case that will not leave its owners insensitive. This watch comes with an exclusive Briston strap, in extremely soft suede leather offering a perfect balance between style and comfort.

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Save €115,00Clubmaster Elegant - BlackClubmaster Elegant - Black
Clubmaster Elegant - Black Sale price€115,00 Regular price€230,00
Clubmaster Elegant - WhiteClubmaster Elegant - White
Clubmaster Elegant - White Sale price€230,00
Save €150,00Clubmaster Elegant - Steel - BlackClubmaster Elegant - Steel - Black
Clubmaster Elegant - Steel - Black Sale price€150,00 Regular price€300,00
Save €160,00Clubmaster Elegant - Steel - Gold - BlackClubmaster Elegant - Steel - Gold - Black
Clubmaster Elegant - Steel - Gold - Black Sale price€160,00 Regular price€320,00
Save €150,00Clubmaster Elegant - Steel - WhiteClubmaster Elegant - Steel - White
Clubmaster Elegant - Steel - White Sale price€150,00 Regular price€300,00
Clubmaster Elegant - Steel - BlueClubmaster Elegant - Steel - Blue
Clubmaster Elegant - Steel - GreenClubmaster Elegant - Steel - Green